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Vivian writes....

Before I came to Ireland, I lived in Suzhou which is a big and beautiful city near ShangHai. Suzhou’s charm is that it is both modern and traditional. I used to be an engineer working in the laboratory, juggling demands at work and home.

In 2017, my husband had a work placement in Ireland. My son and I joined him half a year later and settled in Adare which is a peaceful and amazing village in Limerick. That was a big change for me. I became a homemaker and village life is certainly very different from city life.

We also had a Made-in-Ireland baby but this time round the morning sickness was very severe and our daughter was born in January 2019 in Limerick.

I am very glad to join the IWO and it is wonderful to meet so many ladies here. Susan and LinYan told me there is a group of friendly women in the organization and I might like it. When I first joined the coffee morning, I met ladies who were optimistic and full of life. They were very kind and welcoming.

We shared news and life experiences.. It widened my horizons and I felt that the world is so different here. Some were very obliging and patient with me as my spoken English is limited. Through the IWO, I learnt about English classes and the organisation is like a big family to me.

Ireland is beautiful especially the natural landscape and life is leisurely and peaceful. The streets are not crowded and there seems to be no rush anywhere. I have gradually adapted to the life here.

When I return to China, I will take with me precious memories of the IWO, the friends I’ve made and the experiences we’ve shared.

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Wonderful story and photographs, Viviane; IWO is so much richer having you as a member!

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