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Stanislava Raevska writes...

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I am delighted to present a relatively newcomer to our group this month in our Member’s Focus section. Stani joined this year - and we are very happy to have her! She is Bulgarian and moved here with her husband and daughter (6 years old). She is an interior decorator by training - an an excellent one judging by the contribution below! See her story below. I am not going to change her English and present it as she sent it to me! Thank you, Stani - great story! (If anyone needs or knows of someone who needs help or advice from an interior decorator - look no further!)

If you would like to write in our Member Focus section any month, please let me know/send me what you would like to put! This section has proven to be very popular and we have a rich font of members’ stories out there yet to appear I am sure!


My name is Stani and I am member in lovely IWO since March 2018. I am 41 years old and am from Bulgaria. I moved with my family in Ireland in January 2017. We have only one beautiful daughter, she is 6 years old and studding in Mary Queen Of Ireland. Comparing with average Irish families our is very small however we are very happy.

My passion is interior design. I have graduated Interior and Design of Furniture at University of Forestry in Sofia, Bulgaria and I have Master of Science degree.

I have worked as interior designer more than 15 years in one of the biggest company in Bulgaria for construction of commercial and residential buildings. During this time, I was responsible for interior design, including making decisions about interior space and furniture, selection of colours and materials. I reviewed and analysed customer requirements, prepared full design documentation, participated in customer negotiation meetings and discussions with clients and subcontractors.

Throughout the years successfully have been completed a lot of projects such as hotel rooms, receptions, restaurants, bars, conference halls, offices, SPA centres, clinics, residential houses and homes – living and dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, baths, etc. (the attached pictures are from some of my projects).

My husband Nick is electrical power engineer and works in prospering Irish company as tendering and estimating of high voltage power substations. He had successful project in Sweden, Norway, The Nederland, etc.

One of our hobbies is traveling. We like to organize our travellings alone and

we have visited many gorgeous places

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