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Stani writes...

I am from Sofia, Bulgaria and have been a member of IWO for two years now. Since then, I have reinvented myself from being an interior designer with more than 15 years of experience to being the owner of an artisan home bakery called One Cake.

The transition from being an interior designer dealing with the construction of commercial and residential buildings to someone who makes novelty cakes was seamless because I love both baking and designing.

My mother used to say, ‘If you can’t find a job, you can create a job.’

This is a nugget of wisdom indeed. I find baking a good way to express myself especially when I studied art for 5 years in secondary school and interior design for 6 years at University of Forestry in Sofia.

There are a lot of challenges in the cake baking business. I endeavour to make one -of- a- kind cakes from high quality products and at the same time strive to remain competitive on the market. But the reward is when a customer is highly pleased with the order and says, ‘Wooo!!!’

I love children and designing cakes for little ones is a joy.

I started One Cake a year and a half ago and I obtained my certificate in cake baking last year . I use my own certified kitchen to create bespoke cakes from traditional European recipes from Ireland, England, France, Belgium and Italy. My family is my team, providing me with the encouragement that I need. My friends’ support means a great deal to me.

I dream of having a small sweet shop cum bakery one day. Until then, check out One Cake at or

+353 899 543 265.

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