Limerick International Women's Organisation

Welcome the IWO Limerick


If you are a woman from another part of the world living in the Limerick region, we in the International Women's Organisation would like to say "Welcome".

For many of you, this could be an emotional move. Either you are here for a couple of months, a few years or perhaps, indefinitely. We in the International Women's Organisation have been through the uncertainty settling into unfamiliar surroundings, either as a single person or as a family. We would like to get to know you, introduce you to the people with similar interests and possible concerns, answer any question you may have and help you to integrate into the community.

We hope that we can help to make your stay in this region an enjoyable one. The IWO is a very active social organisation made up of women from all over the world and brings together a large variety of diverse talents to ensure ongoing activities every week, if not every day.